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Title: Escaping the Death Camp Train
Eva Galler
Duration: 119 seconds
Copyright: ©1999, John Menszer
Transcript: People started to pull out those barbed wires and jumped through those little windows. Even the SS people sat on the rooftop of the train and shot, but everybody took a chance. Whoever could, whoever it was possible to take a chance. Well, my father told us, when the young people started to jump, he said, "You the oldest three"--I was seventeen, and my sister sixteen, my brother fifteen--"You oldest try. Maybe somebody will survive, but we will stay here with the small children, because even if they go out they won't be able to survive." So the parents went with the small children. My sister . . . my brother jumped first, my sister second. Then I jumped, and I landed in a ditch of snow. They shot after us. They shot . . . they keep on shooting, but the bullet didn't hit me. When I didn't hear anymore the train, I got up. And the first thing I did, I took off my star, and I promised myself never again will I ever wear a star. I went first to look after my sister and brother and found them dead. And I found many corpses . . . many corpses. From that train one of my friends survived, too. She lives in New York. We were two people who survived that train, but many people jumped. Well, after that I survived under an assumed name, and I was caught to work in Germany as a Polish girl. And I worked on a farm, on a German farm, under a false name . . .pretended that I was Catholic and escaped until the end of the war. _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

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